Information booklet about Zakopane

Local radio stations

PER DAY, UL. Krupówki 48,
w / fax 2066222.

It transmits on the VHF band 72,26 MHz i 106,3 MHz. Information services, local news, information on the weather and the situation in the mountains as well as Holy Masses. and wish concerts.
The peculiarity of Alex is this, that to a large extent it is a radio about highlanders for highlanders, hence the broadcasts of archival highlander possessions (on Wed. i pt. in hours. 17.00-18.30), folk music, chats.

Local press

ul. Kosciuszko 3, tel./fax 2013000.
It is the most important local newspaper, which is published simultaneously in Podhale and in Chicago. Available at kiosks and sold by street messengers. Local news, weather, police chronicle, sport, escort column, RTV program including cable and satellite TV, curiosities and articles as well as a cultural guide and advertisements about services. A comprehensive guide for tourists in the high season.

ul. Krupówki 22, tel.205053.
A diary with the most important current news and comments and an informative part.

ul. Chałubińskiego 42a, tel.63205.
Neatly handed out, with color photos, contains articles about the Tatra Mountains.


Shopping in Zakopane is not difficult - just take a walk along Krupówki Street, where stores of all industries and standards are seated next to each other, or go to the market (The road to Gubałówka) and vegetables are at hand, fruit, dairy and other delicacies. Recently, there are also more and more street vendors for everything, exhibiting goods at Krupówki. For the permanent residents of Zakopane, shopping has something of a great improvisation about it, because from day to day shops change the industry or the owner and therefore, for example, yesterday's confectionery may turn out to be today's pizzeria or vice versa. Another typical phenomenon is the faithfulness of Zakopane residents to the old names of shops or premises, which changed the owner and name. Therefore, dear visitors, do not be surprised, when you do not receive an answer to the question about the name of the new store or you are accidentally misled.

There are many things in Zakopane, worth buying – perfect sports equipment, leather slippers, skin, ciupagi and other highlander souvenirs. Products worthy of our sincere recommendation are the products of the Zakopiańska Dairy, available at all grocery stores (cheese, butter, ice-cream, kefir, yoghurts etc..

Most shops are open from. 10.00-18.00.


It is located to the west of the Road to Gubałówka, works daily from dawn to dusk, the lowest prices of groceries, vegetables and fruits and a great selection of clothing, socks, shoes, goods from the WPN, etc..

Department stores:
• SDH Granite, ul. Kosciuszko 3;
•Zawrat, ul. Krupówki 22.

You will find the largest selection of oscypek and sheep cheeses at the market.


•Limba, ul. Koscieliska 1, open daily from Mon.. do sb. between 10.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m..
Richly equipped with original highlander costumes, produced in Zakopane. A cheap variant of a full men's outfit costs money 500 z), expensive variant – 1200 zt, women's costumes are cheaper. You can buy genuine leather hearts, as worn before 100 patches (above 100 PLN) and: scarves, in the row, bags, blankets, hats, chumps, pictures on glass and other souvenirs.


The largest selection of books can be found on Krupówki, where there are many bookstores and street points of sale for books and postcards.

• Cheap Book, ul. Krupówki 77;

• The antiquarian bookstore of the Tourist House at ul. Zaruski, open from. 10.00-18.00. Richly stocked with old and new tourist publications, maps, guides and magazines; inexpensive;

• 9's music store, Staszeczkowka's cat. It is easy to recognize the crowd of long-haired individuals in skins swarming in front of the shop; a very original interior solution, cassette tapes and rock music CDs, metal, punk and youth in general, except for the cassettes – amazing T-shirts and accessories necessary to rock (belts, rings, clubs etc.), next to it, there is another music store with calmer music, classic and entertainment.

• Beware of pickpockets who roam the area of ​​Krupówki and the market.

• Any valuables before going on a trip or into town (jewelry, photographic equipment, cameras etc.) leave for safekeeping at the reception of your hotel or guesthouse, in which you live.

• Park your cars in guarded parking lots, don't leave in them, nor in the trunk, sports equipment, photo and other valuable items.

• Watch over the children – they like to get lost.

•Drive carefully – no kidding in the mountains.