Coming out of the Atma, you can visit Kasprusie in two ways – or up, south or down, to the north. The first variant promises a longer trip by Strążyska to Droga pod Reglami. Choosing the second option, within five minutes you will reach ul. Kościeliska, near Pęksowy Brzyzek.

Kasprusi is extended by ul. Strazyska. From here you can walk to ul. Kościeliska, ul. Stolarczyk and Orkan, Strążyska leads to Droga pod Reglami, Dear to Daniel, ul. Bogdański, a small road called Regla and to Małe Zywczańskie.

Kasprusie between Atma and the intersection with Małe Żywczańskie go up.
Their course continues along ul. Strazyska. On the way you will come across many small gastronomy points, beer houses and guesthouses offering free rooms.
Heading towards the mountains, you hear two streams on the left – The parachute and the Młyniska. Behind the bridge in Młyniskach, in front of the house marked with no. 4 the headquarters of the famous highlander Wawrytek family are located, from which the Tatra guides originated, musicians, dancers and cultural activists.

The higher, the looser the buildings. The view of the mountain slopes covered with trees is fabulous, especially in the fall, when you can admire the almost impressionistic color spots, formed by tree species which age before winter at different times and in various shades. After the intersection with Małe Żywczańskie to the left there is a small blind street called Droga do Wantuli, which ends with a villa from the years 20. called Wantule – in the highland dialect there were large stones, wanted – where an outstanding European pianist and teacher lived before the war, from Dutch origin – Egon Petri. Another block behind the Road to Wantuli is the longer Road to Daniel, which is densely built up with new houses, where at no. 1 Helena Marusarzówna lived on the left, famous skier and courier.

Helena Marusarzówna – The younger sister of Stanisław Marusarz was born in 1918 r. As a girl, she took part in competitions organized by Kornel Makuszyński and more than once received a book with a dedication from the writer as a reward for winning the flat race of Koziołek Matołek, From 1936 do 1939 r. she was the Polish champion in alpine competitions and went to international competitions as a representative of the country. When the war broke out, Marusarzówna took an active part in the resistance movement as a courier on the Zakopane-Budapest route. During one of the expeditions, she was arrested by the Slovaks and handed over to the Gestapo. Young, beauty, an athletic woman with great success in sports was shot, when she had 23 patch, 12 September 1941 r. in a village near Tarnów. At the end of the years 50. Helena Marusarzówna's ashes were transferred to the old Zakopane cemetery in Pęksowy Brzyzek. To commemorate her, every year there is a women's downhill run for the memorial of Helena Marusarzówna.

On the way to Daniel, you can get to Droga pod Reglami. On the way, you will encounter a drink-bar installed in the garage and an interesting house at no. 8b, combining modern convention with highlander tradition.

In a certain place in Strążyska, to the right, Bogdański street goes west, which after less than 10 minutes will lead to the Antoni Rząsa Gallery – Bogdański 16, open daily. except sun. in hours. 11.00-18.00, a well-known and respected sculptor. This side jump is worth making for the charm of the place, in which in the vicinity of the so-called. At Księżęgo Las, picturesque wooden houses stand quietly.

Returning to ul. Strążyska should probably be warned, that on clear days already several dozen meters from ul. Bogdański, they can come across a line of parked cars, belonging to tourists, who are just roaming the Strążyska Valley. Strążyska ends at Droga pod Reglami, at the entrance to the Strążyska Valley, and thus to the TPN. Once in the place of ul. An ordinary dirt road ran along Strążyska Street.

If you are not tempted by Droga pod Reglami and you want to return to Strążyska immediately, to zaklinam, just walk a little bit to the east along Droga pod Reglami to the place, where on one side it cuts into the Dolina ku Dziura mountains, and on the other, the Way to Daniel goes north, later connecting with Strążyska. The first home, almost at the intersection of Droga pod Reglami and Droga do Daniel, it stands in the place of Wojtek Matei's former cottage, who was the last honorary robber from the Matej family. Still some farm buildings remember a bloody history, Wojtek's wife participated in it.

From this place there is a view to the east of Wierszyki Hill and a piece of the White Forest. In the foreground you can see the house and buildings of the former Matejów farm, further down the valley, huts, sheep and grass, in the background a forest and houses in Wierszyki – this view could be taken as a sloppy highlander landscape from a 19th-century postcard.