Krupówki from ul. Nowotarska to Kościuszko

Krupówki from ul. Nowotarska to Kościuszko

The first contact with Krupówki most often takes place at the intersection with ul. Kosciuszko, where the fastest way to get from the railway station and bus station. And most often you want to go up from there, however to come to the beginning of the street, you have to turn down, to the north, towards the intersection of Krupówki Street with Nowotarska Street, Kościeliska and Na Gubałówka, which is behind the church with a green pointed spire.

Krupówki Street meets the following streets: To Gubałówka, Nowotarska, Koscieliska. Zborowski, Zaruski, Galicia, War Veterans, Staszic, Piłsudski. al. 5 House, Witkiewicz, Tetmajer, Zamoyski.

Hotel near Giewontem

At Krupówki, at no 1 there is a wreck of the oldest hotel in Zakopane, closed since the last war, called the Hotel near Giewont. Looking at this inconspicuous, a decaying wooden building is hard to believe, that at the end of the 19th century. it was the largest hotel in Zakopane, housing 18 rooms, a billiard room and a restaurant. It was led by the descendants of the famous Zakopane citizen until the outbreak of World War II, Romualda Kuliga, fulfilling many useful social functions at the turn of the century, including the commune administrator, Commander of the Fire Department and activist of the Tatra Society. Today, a milk bar is located on the ground floor of the former hotel, bakery, lottomat and household appliances store. It is difficult to assess the chance of restoring this monument.

On the other side of the street there is a wooden villa named Venice (nr 2a) formerly owned by Kulig, today it is occupied by a clothes shop and Herbapol. Next you will find something tasty and fragrant – Grace's Pizzeria, besieged by youth, not very expensive, which offers mediocre pizza, but has a spacious terrace and a trendy post-modern decor. It is worth paying attention, that the building with the pizzeria has a corner protruding far to the pavement. This rare architectural procedure was performed by German builders during the occupation, wanting to give Krupówki Street a new shape, so that it passes through a gentle curve in Nowotarska. The intention has failed, and in remembrance she was unruly, tenement house no 2/4. It also houses the elegant Majcher restaurant.