On Nosal

Route 18. On Nosal

“One of the most accurate walks for zętyca users, there is Mount Nosal, "he wrote in. 1849 L. zejsner. And today - although no one is cured in Kuźnice - the trip to this peak is one of the most popular. From Kuźnice 1,7 km, drop 200 m; from "Murowanica" 1 km, drop 270 m - po 45 min. ( ↓ 35 min.). Zn. green.

Route 18A – Variant from Kuźnice. To Kuźnice d, 7. From the square 0,5 km (12 min.) together with d. 45 to the crossroads in the woods: d. 45 turns right. Zn. green trees rise up sparsely under the spruce forest near the contour line 1100 m. — 1,2 km wide Nosalowa Przełęcz (1101 m), separating Nosal from the forested Nieborak (1220 m). From Kuźnice 25 min. (↓ 17 min.). This is where economic roads and a ski run pass, as well as the trail of forest animals - deer, bearish, lynx, even otters have been hunted here. Old fir.

A comfortable footpath now rises in the woods to the S. Nosal ridge. Passing groups of rocks (on them relict pines) we are entering the main uplift. — 1,7 km Nosal (1206 m). Vertex description d. 18B. From Kuźnice 45 min. (↓ 35 min.).

Route 18B – Variant from "Murowanica". Variant more arduous than d. 18A, used more often for descent. From Zakopane d. 7 to the "Murowanica" bus stop (ok. 940 m). Hence for Zn. green ul. Karłowicz through Bystra and 50 m further through its dry reserve bed.

Left 40 m to the hut standing among the trees ,,Tea”, partly from. 1872. W r. 1919 from Kuźnicki ,,hamernika "was bought by S. Szymanski, which has gathered interesting ethnographic collections here. His brother handed over the whole thing in. 1952 Tatra Museum. Visiting on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays from. 10—12 i 16—18. Tel. 38 72.

The marked trail turns right along the walled Bystra bed, a po ok. 200 m to the left, on Mon. zach. I am the roost of Nosal, climbing through a ruined forest (steep and unpleasant sections). A nice view unfolds from the saddle. Further to the left of the rocks, there is an observation deck, and then - walking around the steep rock teeth - near the upper lift station and to the peak dams of Nosal. From "Murowanica" 45 min. (↓ 35 min.).

Nosal's rocky peak, despite its modest height (1206 m), very interesting. The panorama from here includes the Dol. Bystra with Kuźnice, Giewont and Czerwone Wierchy, The Tatras Trench, and to the east. the nests of Kopieniec and the Queen's Mounds and the granite surroundings of the Gąsienicowa and Pańszczyca valleys. On fragile, and caution is advised after rain on slippery rocks. Despite the prevailing traffic, the whole massif abounds with birds and forest animals (eagle owl, Lynx, sometimes a bear), so be as quiet as possible.