Skis – The homeland of this most popular winter sport is Norway. It was initiated by Arthur Conan Doyle in the Swiss Alps, skiing came to Poland thanks to Stanisław Barabasz. The first skiers used their own production of skis, first hunting, then, for pleasure, for excursions, and also for rescue purposes. Stanisław Barabasz together with Mariusz Zaruski and Mieczysław Karłowicz founded the ski section of the Tatra Society in Zakopane, which at the turn of the years 1907-08 she counted 11 members. Zaruska is passionate about the new discipline, published the first Polish textbook for learning to ski, a pioneering guide to the winter Tatras and the first map of Tatra avalanches. The first driving courses took place, during which adepts with an instructor (most often with Zaruski) they traversed the slopes and peaks. The first one was won on the New Year 1908 Giewont was the mountain for skiers. Zaruski's students rode in an alpine style, leaning on one long stick. The choice of this style was justified by the specificity of the steep terrain and the danger of avalanches. There were supporters of the Norwegian style in opposition, supported by two poles, who focused around Henryk Bobkowski – lieutenant, instructor of the Austrian military ski units. Despite the great support of Zakopane tourists for the Zarusian style, with time, the Norwegian style won. For years, Zakopane has been the Polish capital of winter sports. Every year, the Polish FIS Championships in Alpine competitions are held. Skiing Competition for the Memorial of Bronisław Czech and Helena Marusarzówna in alpine competitions, International Ski Judge Competition and many other cyclical events, among which the most pleasant seems to be the Children's Ski Competition by Koziołek Matołek for the Memorial of Karol Makuszyński.