The path over Reglami

Route 17. The path over Reglami (part I.)

A slightly longer but beautiful trip amidst rich and changing scenery. Path, carried out and named by TT in. 1900 - according to the idea of ​​M.. Kowalewski, uses a series of passes belonging to the so-called. the montane syncline, and formed in soft rock formations. The age-old bear hiking trail from the High Tatras to the Orava region. From Kalatówki to Strążysk 5 km, sum of approaches 250 m, sum to descend 400 m, 2 time. (↑ 2 time.). Zn. black.

To Kuźnice d. 7. The beginning of the trail is near the cable car station. Drug, built in. 1938—39, rises below the side ridge “the moraines of the Bystra glacier (described in. 1856 by L.. Zejszner, which thus initiated the Tatra glaciology). — 0,8 km (15 min.) Albertine Monastery, built in. 1898 and described in the final scenes of "The Conversion of Judas" by S.. Żeromski (1913—14). The chapel is presumably according to the sketches of S.. Witkiewicz (old crucifix). Brother Albert's separate hermitage (Adam Chmielowski). There is a path to the right to the monastery of the Albert brothers "Na Górce" (1900). On the left there is d. 39. Tall spruce forests along the entire further road struck a hurricane on the day 6 V 1968 r.

1,6 km of Kalatówki. From Kuźnice 40 min. (I 30 min.). One of the most beautiful Tatra clearings, named after the family of mayors of Kalatów. Hala Kalatowa Center, partially bought by TT and PTT, and finally by the TPN in. 1964. There is a clearing on the lower floor (1160—1200 m) remnants of huts, on the top (1200—1250) there is a PTTK shelter (1198 m), built into the moraine wad, separating both levels. Polana Kalatówki was the first sports skiing field in the Polish Tatras. From r. 1907 "jumps" were organized here, from 1910 - first competition. The skiers then quartered in a rented hut, w r. 1913 TTN has opened a special shelter for them here, restored and enlarged in. 1923. The present hotel was built by it in. 1938 in alpine style, according to the sharply criticized design by Olympic athlete J.. Jaworski. Nice views open up from the clearing. Spring crocuses. On Giewont there is the former. 39, connected to the shelter by a comfortable path.

The path over Reglami turns 150 m before the shelter to the right and rises through the forest in bends under the pass of Białego (ok. 1308 m), formerly called Szałasisko, then left on the ridge, from where a beautiful * view of the Kasprowy Wierch group opens (1985 m). From Kalatówki 30 min. (↓ 20 min.), from Kuźnice 1.10 time. (↓ 50 min.). Interesting limestone vegetation around.

The trail is coming up 200 m with the ridge, to be in height 1330 m (the culmination of the entire Path over Reglami) scroll to the Doi page. white. It now runs along its steep slopes near the contour line 1300 m “through extremely picturesque and effective litter, rock ribs and baffles " (M. Spicy, 1923). The climatic upper border of the forest with typical deciduous trees and approx. 50 plate. Proceeding from the Mon.. the rock nest of the Zameczeks (1431 m) the sidewalk lowers into the gully of Sucha Dolina. From the back 35 min. From the right comes d. 16b. We approach the upper bays of Białe and through the forest 13 min. (↓ 10 min.) up.

5,4 km (from Kalatówki 4 km) Red Pass (1303 m), formerly called. Wolarzyskie. From Kalatówki until now 1.20 time. (↓ 1.15 time.), from Kuźnice 2 time. (↓ 1.45 time.).

The pass was built in red Kajper shales that are not resistant to weathering. W r. 1900 TT has built a gazebo for tourists here. Adjacent Sarnia Rock (1377 m) once attracted treasure hunters, today it attracts botanists, penetrating its interesting plant communities.

The Path over Reglami descends steeply from the Red Pass, to the left of the descending westward. ravine (30 min. 1 45 min.). — 6,5 km the Strążyska clearing (description d. 38c). From Kalatówki until now 1.50 time. (↑ 2 time.), from Kuźnice 2.30 time. (↑ 2.30 time.). To Zakopane d. 38b. The continuation of the Path over Reglami - d. 21.

View from the Na Patykach ridge towards the east. 1. Jaworzynskie foreheads; 2. Gradients; 3. Czuba Jaworzynska (1623 m). To the right, the ridge rises towards Kasprowy Wierch (1985 m). Exactly above the Myslenice Turnie (1352 m) Baldy's kick is piled up (1849 m), from behind which the peak of Świnica emerges (2300 m). The scenic ridge of Na Patykach is reached from Kalatówki in 30 minutes.