The route up Zakopane

The route up Zakopane

Krupówki Street is the main axis of the city, once imposed by the existence of the center in Kuźnice. This street rises upwards, framed with tenement houses built here for approx. 1900 r. To the right departs d. 16and the PI. Wins. On the left BORT PTTK, and then the building (formerly MRN) with the BWA showroom. Opposite the rebuilt hotel "Morskie Oko", behind him the hotel "Sport", in which in l. 1902—04 W. stopped. Reymont. — 0,4 km branch ul. 15 Of December (d. 4d). — 0,8 km intersection at the "Watra" restaurant.

On the left it turns into ul. Witkiewicz, where until. 1908 this writer lived. It takes you to ul. Chałubiński, which one to the right 100 m do sanatorium ZBOWiD, former "Palace" hotel (built in. 1930), during the occupation, it was occupied by the Gestapo headquarters.

Krupówki from the intersection takes the name of ul. Zamoyski. Along it there are guesthouses and rest houses among the trees (m. in. the team of the FWP "Sienkiewiczówka"). — 1,2 km on the left villa "Oksza", built in 1. 1894—95 according to the design of S. Witkiewicz, disfigured by later alterations.

1,5 km (From the center 25 min.) unveiled in. 1903 monument to T.. Chałubiński (1820—89) and his "rock friend" J. Krzeptowski-Sabała (1809—96). It was made by the sculptor J.. Nalborczyk. The route of the trip leads to the right, next to the TPN headquarters and its information point. W XIX w. on the right there was a great manor house with a summer pavilion on the right, in which a hundred years ago the project of establishing the Tow. Tatrzański.

2 km roundabout (30 min.) - successful road assumption, built in. 1938. Left d. 8 on Bystre, straight d. 7 to Kuźnice. On the right, there is ul. B. Czech, commemorating the famous skier, martyred in Oświęcim. Next to it, on the left, a modernized sports stadium, on the right - * Central Sports Center, Tourism and Recreation (905 m npm.), built in. 1959—61 i 1966—67, with modern architecture in harmony with the mountain background. From the left, a forested slope of Krokwia descends (1378 m), on which there are ski jumps. Record of Average z 1973 r. is 77 m. huge, related. also Wielka Krokiew - today one of the best ski jumps in the world - was built in 1. 1923—25 according to the design of K. Stryjeński. It was rebuilt in the years 1927, 1939, 1948 i 1958—61. The latest revision has moved the tipping point to 90 m (current record: T. Pawlusiak 1973 — 113 m).

From here you can enter the d. 13, or ul. 15 December 4d return to the city center - 1,8 km, 20 min. This street attracts attention with modern ““Villa construction (Cottage) and holiday rentals ("Craftsman", "Zremb"). Launched in. 1971 "Hyrny" ma 270 places and is one of the best FWP facilities in Poland. The whole trip 4,5 km — 1.45 time.