Into the Białego Valley

Into the Białego Valley (route 16)

“I usually go to the Białego Valley (…), I am lying there in the bedding of delicious mosses and whole thickets of blueberry leaves…” - he wrote in r. 1892 S. Zeromski, one of the legion of admirers of this enchanting mountain valley. From the center of Zakopane to the end of the trail 4,5 km i 340 m difference in level - 1.45 time. (↓ 1.20 time.). Zn. yellow. Caution: area with high natural values ​​- from. 1954 strict reserve!

From ul. Krupówki (d. 4a) on pl. Victories, colloquially called. The market. On the grave 22 Soviet soldiers memorial. From the square, ul. Grunwaldzka. In the City Park, on the left, there is the Grunwald Monument, built in. 1911 on the market, after being demolished by the Germans, it was hidden and in. 1947 re-positioned here (bronze figures of W.. Shores). The street is lined with villas, where writers and artists lived before the war: M. Choromanski (in "Chimera"), R. Malczewski, S. Wyrzykowski, E. Petri. It continues on the road leading through the Białego Forest.

2 km ** Białego Valley. (From the center 35 min.). It enters the outlet with a knee d. 13b (milk pump room), they lead in depth. yellow. The valley is cut between Krokiew (1378 m) and Roe Rock (1377 m) and goes back to the east. the ridge of Giewont ^ Ma 2,5 km long and 3 km2 of the area. On the slopes and at the bottom, the lower montane beech and fir forests have been preserved, one of the last and most beautiful in the Tatras. Mountain pine descends on the rocks as far as the stream itself, the upper border of the forest is adorned with clusters of limbs.

The road leads into a rocky valley, which at the foot of the so-called. Kazalnicy closes in the ravine of the so-called. Boilers. The only convenient passage used to be through Kazalnica, ok. 1905 a road was led over the stream, on a 30-meter-long pier. The stream bursts through a limestone-washed bed, creating a sequence of cascades and waterfalls - according to calculations, it has the greatest decline in the Polish Tatras, 187 m/km. The road goes over a sloping waterfall, where the valley splits at the foot of the horned turnip. From the outlet 30 min. (↓ 25 min.).

W pd.-zach. the branch is up to White (where Bartuś Obrochta played the robber Matei), the trail enters the south-east branch. 0,5 km above the bifurcation (10 min.) the stream creates another waterfall, and the trail turns sharply to the right and climbs through the forest to the saddle approx. 1175 m in a perch descending from Zameczek (1431 m). On the. from the saddle, the perch rises with the needle's projection (1207 m), which is a great vantage point, especially on the monstrous walls of Giewont. Zn. yellow are in the south-west. the limb of the valley (so-called. Dry Valley) and connect with the Path over Reglami (d. 17c). From the center of Zakopane until now 4,5 km, 1.45 time. (↓ 1.20 time.); from the mouth of the valley 2,5 km, 1.10 time. (↓ 50 min.). It is worth returning to Zakopane via Strążyska (d. 17c i 38b) or by Kalatówki (d. 17c i 7).