Into the Valley behind the Gate

Into the Valley behind the Gate (route 14)

Old S.. Goszczynski, J. Kasprowicz explained here his "Evening Song", W. came with easels. Gerson i W. You're leaving. From the center of Zakopane 4 km i 100 m elevation, 1 time. From the inlet of Zn. green.

To the outlet Dol. behind the Gate you can get by a combination of roads 38a and 13c, or from the PKS Skibówki II stop (d. 20). The most convenient way to get there is by bus from the Krzeptówki stop (d. 20) and go through this hamlet - 1 km, 15 min. (after the war he moved to it and J was murdered. Oppenheim). On the hill opposite the valley stands the so-called. Sabała's cottage, the most valuable monument of folk architecture in Zakopane (probably in. XVIII, r. 1954 restored) - the nest of the Krzeptowski family, who in. 1938 they organized a family reunion of 300 people here. Sabała was born here and spent his youth. Singularity, not found anywhere else, it is a well, covered with a log and the roof of the cottage. The project includes a regional chamber.

Dol. behind the Gate, it cuts between the Mon.. the arms of Łysanki (1447 m) and counts 2 km long. The bottom rises from 920-1000 m, a stream flows down it 104 m/km. The slopes of limestone and dolomite form a romantic rock park, about which in. 1865 wrote the poet W.. Tarnowski:

Hello to me, my loveliest gorge is gorgeous,
Praścieliska Law, gateway to the Tatras of the world!
How to carry gothic needles, crops ivy;
On the rocks, the world of flying monsters became petrified.

To the east. in the frame, specimens of Scots pine grow. There are patches of lower montane forest on the slopes, m. in. 180-summer beech forests. The stream creates small cascades, at unequal intervals, the valley shrinks into narrow rocky "gates". On the right above, dolomite rocks, airing into imaginative forms. In the years 1890-1916, a gazebo for tourists stood near the last "gate". The valley turns slightly further and, above the cascade, it forks into 2 arms. From the outlet until now 0,8 km, 20 min. (↓ 12 min.). End of the trail - return the same way.

On the Strążyska clearing

Dol. For over a century, Strążysk has been a favorite destination for walks from Zakopane. In the past, guests used to organize fun and happy picnics here.