Antałówka hill (940 m)

Antałówka hill (940 m)

Except for very beginner skiers, gives you the opportunity to admire the panorama of Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains. It is a gentle hill with easy ascents, also available from ul. Jagiellońska through ul. Wierchowa and on the northern side of the city. Following the most civilized route to Antałówka, just go along Broniewskiego Street to the intersection with Droga na Antałówka and turn left, that is, north, then come to the place, where Witkiewiczówka stands (ul. Antałówka 6) and after it also turn left – west on the first unpaved street. After a while the road ends and you come to the top, which you can recognize by the green lighthouse with the broken lampshade and the orange pole of the ski lift.


Witkiewiczówka standing at ul. Antalowka 6 although it was designed by the nephew of Stanisław Witkiewicz – Jan Kosice Witkiewicz, however, the house successfully presents the best features of the Zakopane style. Behind the stone fence, a large wooden building with many shimmering windows spills out of the remains of a lush garden, balconies shaded with a sloping roof, supported on a solid stone foundation. Like many other houses in Zakopane, it has this "something" in it.

It looks a bit less inspiring from the inside, when you go up the stairs to the porch and the hall. Currently, Witkiewiczówka is owned by Energopol Trade Sp. z o.o., arranging holidays in it. There is a reception, on the wall hangs the current menu and meal times for the residents, less sophisticated fragrances diffuse from the dining room and kitchen. Admittedly, the interiors have more or less retained their original appearance, however, the Witkiewicz atmosphere evaporated long ago. Of course you can (with the consent of the receptionist) enter the hall and look at the rooms downstairs. An exhibition devoted to Witkacy was organized right at the entrance, in a form resembling school display cases.

Two pastel female portraits hang on the walls, photographs of members of Witkacy's family and friends, Sabała, the first fiancée - Jadwiga Janczewska, Witkiewicz's aunts,, as well as a few self-portraits of the master. Apart from the Witkacy theater in Chramcówki, it is the only memory in the form of an exhibition about Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz in Zakopane. There is some sadness in the appearance of Witkiewiczówka. Maybe it's nostalgia for its former glory, maybe awareness, that it was the last house in the life of the author of Szewców.

Stanisław Witkiewicz had two sisters – Mery and Dziudzia. For Mera w 1904 r. Witkiewiczówka was built. The Witkiewiczówny ran a guesthouse here for many years. From 1931 r. until the outbreak of the war, Witkacy lived in two rooms upstairs, by the way, treated by his aunts as a common paid tenant. A colorful circle of friends and clients of the Portrait Company passed through his studios.

If you would go along the asphalt road to Antałówka, further north – the houses on the west side are numbered Antałówka, and on the eastern side of Pardałówka, as it happens in Zakopane – it would come to the beaten Homolacian Way, next to which stands a modern white parish church oo. Salvatorians dedicated to the Mother of the Savior. Right next to it, a larger and more modern replica is being developed at the construction site. The Homolacka road leads to Bachledzki Wierch and Harenda.

Returning to Droga na Antałówka and going south along it to the intersection with ul. Broniewski, good to know, that reflecting east – that is, from this perspective to the left – the streets lead to Droga na Olcza. From the intersection of Droga na Antała from Broniewskie, you can return along ul. Broniewskiego west to Bulwary Słowackiego or by Droga na Antałówka go down south to Rondo Bystre.